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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Review of Nial Fuller’s Forex Trading Course

My review of Nial Fuller’s Forex Trading Course:

My name is Larry, I’ve been trading the currency markets for about 4 years now. I’ve had varying degrees of success, basically I was over-complicating trading and continually searching for the one magic combination of indicators as well as reading and over analyzing the latest financial news because that was what seemed would logically lead to success in the markets. What I didn’t realize until I discovered Nial Fuller and went through his Forex Trading Course is that trading could be really simple and need not be an exercise in frustration and constant losses. Nial describes in his Trading Course how to analyze the market based solely on price action. Since getting and applying Nial’s course I have been able to re-coup all of my losses from the previous 3.5 years and I am now in profit. Nial’s Forex Trading Course will get you on the right track to becoming a consistently profitable trader and after applying the teachings in his course to your own trading, it will seem like you just emerged from a foggy haze of confusion and frustration with trading and you will achieve a sense of clarity about what you should do next in the markets, which may mean sitting on your hands and waiting for the next price action setup. You will notice a difference in Nial’s course and the way he teaches compared to other courses you may have purchased. I’ve personally known Nial for about 3 years now and he is a no-nonsense, straight to the point guy who has a passion for trading the markets and helping other people become consistent traders. Once you check out some of Nial’s free trading videos at as well as his Forex Trading Course you will see what I’m talking about is true and you will have a new perspective on trading the markets.

Sincerely, Larry – Seattle WA, USA


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